Memphis Youth Academy of Dreams



A place that nurtures dedicated youth from inner-city households and helps them to reach their full potential...

A place that provides at-risk youth the tools and guidance to develop positive self-esteem, healthy minds, and strong bodies…

A place for youth to excel far beyond their imagination…

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, enhance and enrich youth through educational assistance, discovery skills and sports programs; in a fun, safe and exciting atmosphere.

Our Goal

We will offer the highest standards of excellence through active programs of:

  • Educational advancements
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Organized youth sports and competitions

Our Vision

Memphis Youth Academy of Dreams is a division of Memphis Bears Inc. (MBI), which is a non-profit organization that assists in improving our community by:

  • Preventing crime through after-school opportunities
  • Discouraging gang and crime involvement of youth
  • Instilling character and positive self esteem within our youth
  • Infusing discipline and structure in our youth